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Hot Lara Dutta Sure that good roles will of course come

Posted in Bollywood News by Nurit Shetty on August 11, 2010

In last year and a half, there has been a flurry of films starring Lara Dutta with Billu, Do Knot Distrub, Blue and Housefull coming one after another.

However, as things stand today, it won’t be a year before one would see Lara Dutta on the big screen again.

For someone who has impressed every time when given an opportunity, whether it is Partner, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, No Entry, Masti or Andaaz, she definitely deserves a lot-lot more. Doesn’t she also feel that she should be getting a lot more visibility in the world of movies?

“Well, all I can say is that you make the best of the choices that come your way,” says Lara after a pause, “When I look back, it has been a good innings so far. Whether it is the films that you mention or even Billu which came last year, they all have been very special to me in my career. Perhaps a few films may not have done well but as an actor they took me forward. These films gave me a chance to be seen in performance oriented roles.”

She does carry strong opinions when it comes to picking and choosing her roles. Rather than working in any and every other biggie that comes her way, Lara is sure about picking only those films which truly require her presence.

As per Latest Lara Dutt Interviews, she said that, “I am not going anywhere in a hurry. Moreover, with the kind of appreciation that I have received, I am sure that good roles will of course come. I would rather work in a film where I add value rather than something where the attitude is that of ‘kisi actor lo lena hai toh chalo iski dates available hai, isse le lo”
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