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Lara Dutta Interview 2010 for Upcoming Movie Housefull 2010

Posted in Bollywood News by Nurit Shetty on April 28, 2010

As per Latest Lara Dutta Interviews, she said that,

Starting from your debut movie ‘Andaaz’ till ‘Housefull’, most of your chartbusters are Multi-starrers, why?

If you have noticed, majority of my hits are ‘comedy’ and I believe comedy is made by more than just two people (laughs) unless it’s a rom-com. And I am just fortunate to be offered movies which have the best comic talents in the country. All the character I have played so far have been very distinct and important characters which take the film forward. They worked for me, and I don’t look back and think that if it would have been just two people it would have worked better, because all the movies have entertained the audience which matters the most.

So, there are no regrets that your solo didn’t work that much on the box office?

There are very few films which are solos, like ‘Billu Barber’ where I was the only female protagonist besides the actresses who did the special appearances for the songs. Personally, it was great experience. When I look back, ‘Billu’ is one the of the most important movie in my career. ‘Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost’ was also a great opportunity. I was brand new in the industry and I didn’t even know that what am I good at. All my movies have been wonderful for me and I don’t have any regrets about doing any of them.

What ‘Housefull’ is all about?

‘Housefull’ is a comedy about mistaken identities and people coming together to help each other. It gives out the message of looking after the people who really matter to you in life and protecting them. It’s a fun filled film as you can make out from the promos. It’s a mad-cap comedy, but not a ‘mind-less’ comedy. It is not like other brainless comic movies. The plot is extremely delicate and you have to pay proper attention to it or you will loose the link.

So, what Lara doing in this mad-cap comedy?

I am playing a Gujarati girl Hetal Patel who comes to London for studies, falls in love and marries her dream man. She ends up upsetting her father. Her whole life revolves around her husband and father. Though Hetal is the new generation modern woman yet she is most concerned about the two males in her life – her father and husband! Then she meets Akshay and then one thing leads to another. I enjoyed working with Riteish, Akshay and Boman.

When you see the final version how much credit you give to director Sajid Khan?

As an actor you can visualize your character but a movie is a director’s vision. Sajid already had that vision in his head even before the first shot of the movie and you can help the director to complete his vision. I consider myself as a complete director’s actor, so more he demands from me, more happy I am to push my level to give more. Sajid was very clear about how he wants his scene done and he is fantastic and gives you the complete freedom. He will never say cut and do it my way.

Sajid Khan – the director or Sajid Nadiadwala- the producer?

Sajid Khan is crazy but Sajid Nadiadwala has to be sober keeping everyone on check.

Define ‘Housefull’ to readers?

It’s a superb, blockbuster entertaining movie!

And, what Lara’s fans should look forward in this movie?

Please watch out the scene in which I have to fall out from the window. I am completely happy with the role and the way it has turned out, so all my fans who liked me doing comedy are sure going to enjoy this movie as well.

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